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Matt Smith Collection

Introducing MATT SMITH 

A passionate artist and illustrator, specializing in original wildlife painting and personal commissions including pet, wildlife and human portraits.

His unique Canine Collection is now available to purchase on his website.

Beautiful feature wall collection





Introducing NIKKI POULOS

Beautiful murals by
Nikki Poulos
painting murals wherever she travels, promoting global goodwill and peace to all.
Art = happiness = @nikkipoulos_
commissions welcome 🙏🏼




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Aura9 Design an exclusive, fine quality fabrics and furnishings.

Vintage, Handmade and bespoke.


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Aura9 Design | Fabric & Furnishings | Inspired by Nature

Why Aura9? Aura means “a subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing”.

I believe that all homes should have that subtle atmosphere that comes with good design and quality products – you may not be able to identify it but you know when it’s there! It includes well thought out space planning, consideration for textures and colours, attention to detail and just a sensitivity that comes from understanding and caring for the space that you’re working with.

I’ve always had a love for interiors, decor and fabric in particular, there’s something about the feel and smell of a fabric shop – I could stay in there just browsing for hours!

But one thing I’ve found over the years is that while you might find fabrics designs and colours that you like, they aren’t always suitable for the project that you need it for – you may have a chair to upholster but the fabric you want is only available in curtain material, or maybe you’ve found a design you love in a cotton fabric but really wish it came in a soft velvety fabric for those luxurious curtains you were dreaming of!

So Aura9 Design is set up to overcome that problem – I design unique fabric patterns, inspired by nature... choppy waves, lazy palm beaches, starry skies and delicate blossoms.

All of my designs can be printed to order on over 20 different fabric types, including cottons, satins, linen blends, bamboo, velvet, upholstery, blackout, fire retardant, water repellent and many more!

You can order from as little as a 20x20cm fabric sample to as many meters as you need!

My range also includes ready-made soft furnishings, wall art and limited editions - including vintage, bespoke and upcycled items.

Visit my website at to see the full range and register as an Aura9 Design member at the trade log in link to get exclusive trade only discounts!

Look forward to seeing you, and helping you create that atmosphere with stunning soft furnishings!

Elaine xx

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